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Objective (mutual funds)

The fund's investment strategy category as stated in the prospectus. There are more than 20 standardized categories. E.g. Aggressive growth, balanced.
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Some will go on to point out that Europe has scopes with objective lenses as big as 72mm for these specific scenarios.
Increase the separation between the eyepiece and objective lenses: incident vergence from a near object may be corrected as it travels through the telescope by increasing the separation between both the eyepiece and objective lenses (see Figure 6B).
Furthermore, the research report has divided the objective lens market in Africa on the basis of type into objective lenses for cameras and projectors and other objective lenses.
Steiner has announced the launch of its new Anti Reflective Device (ARD) for Steiner Military-type Porro-prism binoculars with 30mm and 50mm objective lenses.
In addition, the entire spectrum of proprietary objective lenses can be used with a consistently high optical section quality.
The DuraScan can have up to a six-position automatic turret with multiple indenters and objective lenses, eliminating the need for manual exchange, consequently reducing frequent recalibration of the machine.
The new Nikon Monarch X binocular series with 45mm objective lenses provide larger exit pupils for increased low light performance, while maintaining the balance and comparable weight of many competitors' 42mm models.
The multicoated 45mm objective lenses let in more light and combine with the Super High Reflection BAK-4 prisms for bright, crisp images.
The 50-mm, three-element objective lenses and BAK4 prisms are fully multi-coated to minimize light scatter and maximize light transmission.
When coupled with an array of biological and industrial objective lenses that fit the motorized nosepiece, these advanced illumination techniques provide the capability to cross over between bioscience and industrial markets and address the new generation of mixed samples in the growing biomaterials arena.
Furthermore, high numerical aperture objective lenses maximize illumination efficiency and long-life dimmable LED surface and sub-stage illumination.
Always adjust the eye span knob(s) midway before inserting the objective lenses first into the foam inserts of the carrying case.