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So while it is true she has cleared the atmosphere celestial, left me gravity-strapped and mourning, blistered through cloud cover, while she has gifted me one schizoid father's government-issue ashes, one grey-eyed sister's prostitute bones, a brief family history in cardboard, percussive teeth and my double helix permanently scarred; while it is true she daily christened the oarless boat of my childhood, she never broke a single bottle against me.
Melissa was unmoored, like the dinghies in the harbor that got hijacked by local boys and abandoned in the marsh grass, or were left knocking against a far dock, oarless.
As parts of the Euro dream such as Greece sink below the waves and many others are reputedly bailing out their oarless rowing boats a rethink may be to everyone's benefit, whether going forward united or dividing.