null and void

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Null and Void

Describing anything that cannot be enforced legally. For example, a contract may be declared null and void if one party enters it under duress or if its terms violate local law.

null and void

Having no legal effect.

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Now we quote the following general result for a totally umbilical submanifold (also holds for totally geodesic case) of a semi-Riemannian manifold which is needed to address the question of how Theorem 1 can be used to show the existence of null horizons of GRW space-time.
For those loci where no evidence of null alleles was found, a conservative working null allele frequency could be calculated by pretending that the next parent to be encountered would be a null allele carrier.
I don't anticipate problems with nulls or change properties unless there's a reason.
Though, we have achieved better null depth level due to SEF, but the sidelobe levels and positioning of nulls is still an issue to be taken into account, for which we shall use the nature inspired evolutionary computing technique, i.
Software packages often include the probability value associated with the statistic to allow for the final decision to reject the null hypothesis or fail to reject the null hypothesis.
In this section, we characterize null osculating curves of the second kind lying fully in [E.
This obtained differential equation of third order with variable coefficients (5) is a characterization for the simple closed null curve in [E.
Tomioka (2003) proposes that null subjects occur in languages that allow (robust) bare NP arguments.
You could use a Null value in this field although it is recommended to use a true value such as "N/A" or "Not Applicable", making information clearer to the user.
If a row is inserted but no value is included for a column that allows null values, the database engine supplies the value NULL (unless a DEFAULT definition or object exists).
To address the problems associated with the null hypothesis inference testing model, psychology and related fields are starting to move in the direction of placing more emphasis on practical significance, the degree of relationship between variables, or the magnitude of the effect, instead of tests of statistical significance.