null and void

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Null and Void

Describing anything that cannot be enforced legally. For example, a contract may be declared null and void if one party enters it under duress or if its terms violate local law.

null and void

Having no legal effect.

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The effect of allowing for the possible presence of a null allele
Several criticisms of the classical approach are that the null hypothesis under consideration may not be plausible, future evaluation may not be done once the hypothesis is rejected or fails to be rejected, and that prior information (probability) is not considered.
In this section, we characterize null osculating curves of the second kind lying fully in [E.
This obtained differential equation of third order with variable coefficients (5) is a characterization for the simple closed null curve in [E.
Tomioka (2003) proposes that null subjects occur in languages that allow (robust) bare NP arguments.
You can see an example of the problem that null values cause when looking at certain records in this table, the Stock Value field derives its results by using the Price and the QuantityInStock value ['Price]*[QuantityInStock].
Significance testing simply establishes the probability of obtaining a certain data set, they argue, assuming from the start that the null hypothesis is true.
Null Physics is one of the many scientific topics the program details.
Keywords Semi-euclidean space, partially null curves, frenet apparatus.
On a vacation two years ago, Null had an argument with her 14-year-old daughter.
However, the hospital board said it is declaring null and void actions taken to date that might be interpreted as eminent domain actions.
Fred Kent claimed that Chase's mortgage as well as Selma Kent's subordination agreement should be invalidated on the theory that Chase's declaration that the work-out agreement was null and void amounted to a rescission of that agreement, with the result that the Chase mortgage and subordination agreement of Selma Kent would no longer have any legal effect.