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A market in which there is frequent trading.


1. Describing a security that is traded with relative frequency. Many investors look to active securities because they can be traded, even in rather large quantities, without affecting the price. Active securities usually have a low bid-ask spread.

2. Describing a market or exchange with a high trading volume.


Of or relating to a security in which there is a great deal of trading. Active securities appeal to many investors because they usually can be traded without affecting the price. In over-the-counter trading, an active security usually has a smaller spread between the bid and ask price. See also most-active stocks.
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Like the containment verb kpe '', the contact support verb teke 'be.on' has both stative and nonstative readings.
PROG selects for nonstative predicates and returns a stative one.
Aspectual type coercion is illustrated by (21), which features an incompatibility between the progressive, which selects for nonstative predicates, and its stative argument Amelie be- silly.

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