nonpublic information

Nonpublic information

Information about a company that is not known by the general public, which will have a definite impact on the stock price when released. See: Insider trading.

Nonpublic Information

Major knowledge about a publicly-traded company that is not available to the public. Information may apply to its operations, such as its quarterly earnings, or to intangibles, such as an executive's imminent indictment. Nonpublic information almost always impacts a company's stock price, either positively or negatively, when it is made public. Prior to 2001, the use of nonpublic information in investment decisions qualified as illegal insider trading. Since then, even the possession of relevant nonpublic information may cause one to run afoul of SEC rules, even if an investor would have made a particular trade anyway. See also: Rule 10b5-1.

nonpublic information

Information about a company that is unknown to the public. Insiders, including corporate officers and directors, are prohibited from buying or selling their firm's securities on the basis of nonpublic information.
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In connection with the no-action letter, an assessment of a CRA's operational capability and ratings process is conducted that considers the following (related to the CRA); its organizational structure, financial resources; the size and quality of its staff, its independence from the companies it rates; its rating procedures; and, whether it has internal procedures to prevent the misuse of nonpublic information and whether those procedures are followed.
A person who provides personal, nonpublic information to obtain financial, investment or economic advisory services, regardless of whether there is a continuing customer relationship, is also entitled to notice prior to, and the ability to opt out of, any actual disclosure of such information to a non-affiliated third party.
Prior to selling her ImClone shares, Stewart received material, nonpublic information from her broker, and then she tried to speak with Sam Waksal for the purpose of receiving additional information.
For more than thirty years, supporters and critics of insider trading regulation have agreed on one thing--that insiders can beat the market simply by using nonpublic information to decide when not to trade.
The rule permits individuals not in possession of material nonpublic information to establish prearranged plans to buy or sell company stock.
During the call, the director realized the CEO unwittingly disclosed nonpublic information, but she didn't interrupt him.
But since the nonpublic information led the partner to sell, others might conclude the information is by definition material and that the sale is unlawful insider trading.
Establish a procedure for reviewing all communications to determine if they contain material nonpublic information.