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'Any officer or agent of the company/business involved in this contravention is liable for the Noncompliance and punishable under the relevant provisions of extant tax law.'
Frequency distributions were done as sociodemographic data and then bivariate analysis using chisquire for association of sociodemographic characteristics and HBM with treatment noncompliance; and Pearson correlation between HBM variables was done.
Deliberate noncompliance fails to see potential consequences that, in the extreme, can precipitate intentional recklessness and significant, but ignored risks.
Noncompliance is defined as doing anything other than what has been requested by a parent or other adult authority figure within a specific time frame (Kalb & Loeber, 2003).
AIM: This study has been designed with the goals of identifying various factors responsible for noncompliance and also evaluating the level of compliance in patients with schizophrenia.
Motorcycle mishaps were categorized as "willful noncompliance" with respect to fatigue if the rider failed to follow Joint Travel Regulation restrictions for proper rest when driving/riding and mishaps were categorized as "willful non-compliance" for training if the member failed to perform all required training before riding at the time of the mishap.
Siegel (political science, US Naval Postgraduate School) examines five cases of noncompliance with European Union law in order to analyze compliance behavior by states as the result of the interaction of different levels of politics (i.e., tension between the national security concerns of the consequences of not following the judgment of the European Court of Justice versus the domestic backlash risked by allowing domestic interest groups to be harmed).
In the second section of the questionnaire participants were asked to rank the degree of compliance for a selection of student behaviours, on a scale of 1 to 4 with 1 being compliant, 2 being minor non-compliance, 3 being moderate non-compliance and 4 being serious noncompliance. Thirteen behaviour descriptions, based on the working definition given by Walker and others (2004) and the studies reviewed by Reynolds and Stephenson (2008), were listed.
GAO was asked to (1) describe sole proprietor losses and the extent to which the losses are noncompliant, (2) assess how well IRS addresses the noncompliance, and (3) identify any options to better limit noncompliant losses.
The fact that all states and the District of Columbia now have a less than 20 percent noncompliance rate among retailers is a sharp contrast from the highest reported noncompliance rate of 75 percent when the amendment was adopted 12 years ago.
The revision included changes to the Interpretive Guidance and a new Investigative Protocol with guidelines for determining the scope and severity of a deficient practice when noncompliance with the requirement is found during a survey.