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Describing a stock that entitles the holder to a flat dividend and nothing else. That is, the dividend will not be higher if the company performs particularly well, but instead remains the same at all times. However, nonparticipating stockholders are usually entitled to a minimum dividend, unlike common stock holders, who do not have a similar right. Most preferred stock is nonparticipating. See also: Participating preferred stock.


1. Of, relating to, or being a class of preferred stock that does not have the right to participate with common stock in earnings growth through increases in dividends. Nearly all preferred stock issues are nonparticipating. Compare participating.
2. Of or relating to a type of life insurance policy in which policyholders do not share in the investment successes or failures of the insurer. Compare participating.
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It held that the decision must not lead to the adoption of measures preventing these states from exercising their competences and rights and assuming their obligations, but "it is, in contrast, permissible for those taking part in this cooperation to prescribe rules with which those non-participating states would not agree if they did take part in it".
There are provisions to ensure the levy is applied no matter where in the world securities from the 11 states are traded, though it is unclear how and by whom the tax would be collected, especially in non-participating countries.
6 percent more revenue and visit the business about five percent more than non-participating customers, he explained.
The tests will also be available for non-participating states to use.
Companies that joined the 1998 settlement are entitled to reduce their annual payments by the amount of market share they lose to non-participating competitors.
Trading conditions are the same for rebate program participating and non-participating traders.
source dividends and interest paid to non-participating foreign financial institutions will begin Jan.
The independent variable was school participation classified as either recognized "Healthy Schools" or non-participating schools.
But small business participation in the apprenticeships programme is very low, and this is down to a number of issues relating to barriers, and the differences between participating and non-participating businesses.
The rating is constrained by risk related to litigation or claim from MRA's non-participating creditor, the Company's highly leveraged capital structure, long credit-term to certain customers and large amount of receivables to related companies," PEFINDO said.
By 2015, the participating farmers are expected to earn six times more per acre of degraded land than non-participating farmers," said a project communique.
Non-participating physicians can make assignment decisions on a claim-by-claim basis.

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