Nominal value

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Nominal value

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Nominal Value

1. See: Book value.

2. See: Par value.
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Pressed about what is of nominal value, he said, 'the law does not specify.
The smallest share (2.12 per cent) is the number of coins with a nominal value of 2 levs.
The financial sector (banks, stock exchanges, investment funds, leasing and insurance companies) accounted for 3.36 trillion shares with a nominal value of 16.07 trillion soums.
$15 million as stock dividend (9.375 per cent of the nominal value of the share) raising the bank's paid-up capital to $ 175 million.
11 million bond certificates were issued under the ticker symbol "GAP 15", at a nominal value of MXN100 each, for a total value of MXN1.1 billion, on which interest will be payable every 28 days at a variable rate of TIIE-28 plus 24 basis points.
As a result of this issue, the Bank's issued share capital now comprises 8,922,377,345 ordinary shares with a nominal value of e1/40.10 each.
Summary: Bank Audi announced over the weekend that it is raising its capital by LL64.95 billion ($43.1 million) to LL525.77 billion ($348.8 million), through the issuance of 50,000,000 common shares at a nominal value of LL1,299 ($0.86) per share.
The first allows a repayment period of 5 years for a nominal value of 10 dinars.
The capital is split into shares; the nominal value of a share is SR 10.
Sharjah Islamic Bank or SIB's general assembly approved distribution of cash dividends of 10 per cent of the share's nominal value.