nominal exercise price

Nominal exercise price

The exercise price of a GNMA option contract, which equals the unpaid principal balance multiplied by the adjusted exercise price.

Nominal Exercise Price

The price one pays for a Ginnie Mae pass-through. It differs from the adjusted exercise price because, before one buys the pass-through, mortgage borrowers are paying down the principals on the underlying mortgages. One calculates the nominal exercise price as follows:

Nominal exercise price = Adjusted exercise price * Total amount of the remaining principal

nominal exercise price

The price at which an option on a Ginnie Mae certificate can be exercised. This price is calculated by multiplying the adjusted exercise price of the option by the unpaid principal balance on the Ginnie Mae certificate. See also Ginnie Mae pass through.
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The pre-funded warrants, if any, will have a nominal exercise price of USD0.
Abitibi has the option (available in 2003 or upon earlier refinancing of arn debt) to buy out at a nominal exercise price Parsons & Whittemore's stake in arn and in Alabama River Recycling Co.
This asset purchase agreement provided for the purchase by Overland Storage of the assets of Imation's removable disk product lines and existing inventory for 1,529,126 common shares of Sphere 3D and a warrant to purchase up to a maximum of 250,000 shares exercisable at a nominal exercise price solely in connection with certain purchase price adjustments.