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1. See: Niche market.

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Then she stepped to one side, and her companion, raising his blade to a horizontal position, lunged suddenly forward and with the full weight of his body and his right arm, drove the sharp point through the hangings and into the niche behind for its full length.
Moving carefully and feeling forward for each step he passed out of the niche, closing the door behind him.
But now there came from out the niche a low laugh that erected the hairs upon my head.
We saw a new statue put in its niche yesterday, alongside of one which had been standing these four hundred years, they said.
cried Quilp, looking up at the old gateway, and showing in the moonlight like some monstrous image that had come down from its niche and was casting a backward glance at its old house, 'faster
What about the niche we wish to carve for ourselves, as articulated in our personal vision?
New work from Carnegie's Yixian Zheng and Haiyang Chen identifies an important component for regulating stem cell niches, with impacts on tissue building and function.
If you choose to look at new niches to grow your agency, take the time to do it right and focus on the potential in front of you--just like a rabbit.
Great Hotels' new niches include Golf, Spa, Romance, Honeymoon, Heritage, Lakes & Mountains, Gourmet, Art & Design and Weekend.
The placement and construction of the niches that sheltered these hives were carefully planned.
After Capstone Marketing conducted a marketing audit in 2003, several niches were identified, including forensic accounting, public companies, not-for-profit organizations, and, subsequently, family businesses.
Even the most successful niches need constant fine-tuning.