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1. See: Niche market.

2. See: Niche marketing.
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Then she stepped to one side, and her companion, raising his blade to a horizontal position, lunged suddenly forward and with the full weight of his body and his right arm, drove the sharp point through the hangings and into the niche behind for its full length.
Moving carefully and feeling forward for each step he passed out of the niche, closing the door behind him.
But now there came from out the niche a low laugh that erected the hairs upon my head.
We saw a new statue put in its niche yesterday, alongside of one which had been standing these four hundred years, they said.
'Faster, sirrah!' cried Quilp, looking up at the old gateway, and showing in the moonlight like some monstrous image that had come down from its niche and was casting a backward glance at its old house, 'faster!'
Had he not himself battled for the grisly forearm of a great ape at that long-gone Dum-Dum, when he had slain the fierce Tublat and won his niche in the respect of the Apes of Kerchak?
Niche modeling tools have potential to help preventive medicine personnel better understand the medical threat to our forces in areas to which they are deployed or may be deploying.
RICHES IN NICHES: HOW TO MAKE IT BIG IN A SMALL MARKET examines all the influences which separate small thinkers from service professionals who may have identical skills but bigger vision, and deserves ongoing recommendation as a key acquisition to any business library catering to service professionals.
Sansevieri's book guides the online book marketer through all the ways and tactics used to reach these "million niches," including designing and writing a home page, making money with links and affiliate programs, e-commerce, "the blog factor," virtual networking, autoresponders, and print-on-demand.
HOW CAN THE INDUSTRY'S BULWARK PRODUCT--life insurance--ever be described as, or treated as, a niche product?
Joseph Grinnell originated the concept of ecologic niches and was the first to explore the connections between ecologic niches and geographic distributions of species (4).
* Mutuals believe in their mission to serve specific niches and aren't looking to change their models anytime soon.