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We were undertaking several days of training and motivation for a new niche market they were about to enter.
With its core marketing message as 'Find your niche,' Great Hotels of the World will launch a series of niche websites that will act as hubs for user interaction via social media platforms.
When he talks about niches, he's referring to actual physical goods delivered to the buyer, a business that's gotten easier than ever with so many companies offering drop-ship service.
The firm uses a variety of marketing tools to promote its niches, including newsletters, seminars, publishing articles and networking.
Interpretation of models of fundamental ecological niches and species' distributional areas.
As the third-smallest mutual in Tennessee, the niche carrier primarily writes properties valued under $75,000.
MC: Because Gowan is entirely focused on the niches of the crop protection business, the company approaches the marketing of its products in a unique manner.
That strategy is simple and effective: Develop a market niche to offer a line of products greater than that offered by mass merchandisers.
De-tinning itself is what Goldstein calls "a niche market," and one that requires technical expertise.
In other words, their management teams are engaged in an ongoing but clearly purposeful and directed dialog concerning the state of their companies' strategic positions, market conditions, high margin niches, customers, and company strengths and weaknesses.
Within each unit, Grupo Lachmann has sought profitable niches.
Worst thing we did: We were slow about developing niches and matching up clients and prospects with niche managers with specific expertise.