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Of the 17 funerals Liverpool City Council organised that year, nine were due to no funds being available, seven were because there was no next of kin and one happened because the next of kin refused responsibility for the funeral.
"The amendment creates an offence for a bank which fails to keep particulars of next of kin so that families are able to access funds even upon the death of a bread winner," he said.
Shakeel, Next of Kin (Nephew) of Haji Abu Bakar (Late)
"This is a really saddening situation and while it is unpleasant news we have to deliver to any next of kin, it is our duty as police to make every attempt to find someone to let them know what has happened.
Rule 13(2)(c) of the Ethical Rules of Conduct of the HPCSA [4] state that confidential information about a deceased patient should only be divulged 'with the written consent of his or her next of kin or the executor of his or her estate'--except where such information ought to be disclosed in terms of a statute or court order, or the disclosure is justified in the public interest.
"Unfortunately, there was only limited information available as to the identity of the deceased and police commenced an inquiry to establish details of his next of kin.
An additional explanation of the proposed difference in health-related outcomes of aggression from patients or next of kin as compared to exposure to bullying behaviors may be the tendency to put people in the in-group according to the level of identification [38].
The Pakistan Army also arranged Umrah for the next of kin to 147 persons, free education to civilian kin of the shaheed students, as well as jobs for the next of kin relatives plus admission in Cadet Colleges for the injured students well as visits to friendly countries like China, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Oman, Tajikistan and USA.
The researchers found that six percent of patients who received care at VHA facilities named non-nuclear family contacts as next of kin. Often, those patients listed an intimate contact outside of marriage, such as "same-sex partner," "common law spouse," and "live-in soul mate."
A spokesman for North Wales Police said: "Sadly, a child was pronounced dead at the scene and the next of kin have been informed."
Grace Ding, CEAP, Shanghai, China (with additional contributions noted from next of kin and We opened our hotline to the next of kin of the passengers.
Next of Kin features soldiers' possessions which have been kept and passed on by loved ones.