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Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

Transfer of funds electronically rather than by check or cash. The Federal Reserve's Fedwire and automated clearninghouse services are EFT systems.

Electronic Funds Transfer System

Any computerized system that facilitates a transaction in which money, securities, or some other good changes hands. Examples of electronic funds transfer include receiving cash out of an ATM and placing an order to buy a stock over the telephone.


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Great crested newts are rare across Europe, although can be locally abundant in the UK.
It is possible that although we did not observe otters rejecting prey, otters, similarly to garter-snakes, may also be able to determine whether or not a newt is safe to eat by "tasting" the newt and rejecting ones that are too toxic.
The newt wasn't feeling too good either and has gone to the salad bowl in the sky.
Micro-habitat use within a guild of newt larvae (Trituridae) in an Alpine lake.
Youngsters are being encouraged to get out of their cars and help the specialists scour the road ahead for newts.
On the paper where you pledged your money to Newt was a section that said the DVD was about "a trip that's been called.
In Britain, the habitat of the Great Crested Newt has diminished due to land development pressure from population growth.
When teased or attacked by a predator, the newt secretes a poisonous milky substance onto the body surface.
Coun Armstrong-Braun actually stood in front of mechanical diggers in his fight in the 1990s to protect the newts during development of the retail park.
Natural England said work on the Travelodge at Lowestoft, Suffolk, should stop to prevent the great crested newts being harmed.
A council spokesman said: "It may only be one protected great-crested newt that is holding the workmen up.
Boss Peter Furness- Smith said: "Rounding up 25 newts which have gone walkabout and returning them to their natural habitat works out at pounds 1,000 per newt.