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Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

Transfer of funds electronically rather than by check or cash. The Federal Reserve's Fedwire and automated clearninghouse services are EFT systems.
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Electronic Funds Transfer System

Any computerized system that facilitates a transaction in which money, securities, or some other good changes hands. Examples of electronic funds transfer include receiving cash out of an ATM and placing an order to buy a stock over the telephone.
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Katharine then rushed the newt and salad back to Sainsbury's Holborn store.
Also sexual dimorphism of the Alpine newts, prominent mainly during breeding, may lead to the assumption that there will be intersexual difference in injury rates, like in other animals (e.g.
Inter- and intrahabitat movements of the rough-skinned newt, Taricha torosa granulosa (Skilton).
On the paper where you pledged your money to Newt was a section that said the DVD was about "a trip that's been called...
But the Ministry of Defence is determined to live up to its name and defend the amphibians, submitting plans for a "necklace" of 21 ponds around the development site where the great crested newts can exist unmolested.
When all goes wrong--and it does in a big way--the members of Newt's class unite to save Willis Communications and thwart a kidnapping.
"When teased or attacked by a predator, the newt secretes a poisonous milky substance onto the body surface.
At the AEI bash, I queried Newt on that Max Tax idea.
Still, at the House Ethics Committee hearing, the special counsel coolly analyzed Newt's multiyear pattern of reckless disregard of basic fundraising laws and of the simple truth.
But on the next page, she is saying that Newt helped make her government "a monstrous vermin." The boilerplate leftist rhetoric sounds stilted on her lips.
Newt (Eddie Redmayne) can reach into his suitcase and pull out just about anything.
In the first film Newt met an American contingent of wizards and witches, all set against stopping foreign creatures from crossing their borders - while Newt carried a case with incredible creatures locked inside.