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It is not clear that Jeff's original message was necessarily a troll: certainly, he did not follow it up with a post to the alt.gothic.culture newsgroup along the lines of YHBT (you have been trolled), but he did include one more message that made it look likely, a single line reply to a poster called 'Alchemy': 'Who's the more foolish?
* Make sure newsgroup messages you post have a signature section with the company name and your web address.
In general, cross-posting - sending a request for information to several newsgroups at once - is considered bad manners as it leads to people answering the same query more than once.
In the three weeks between the final lecture and the exam, we trialled a newsgroup by enrolling 15 students from a list of approximately 60 students who nominated that they were interested in participating.
Cawcutt came under fire early in 2000 when a Petersburg, Ill.-based group, Roman Catholic Faithful, exposed a restricted-access Internet newsgroup in which he and about 50 gay priests and brothers from around the world participated (NCR, April 7, 2000).
Football websites, newsgroups and fanzine magazines all wanted to know: Just who is this two-timing player?
Newsgroup service is a feature available to all BellSouth FastAccess DSL service and BellSouth Internet Service dial-up customers.
(2) Lurk until you get a feel for what's acceptable in a particular newsgroup, then leap in and do the opposite.
Deja users had been able to post directly to newsgroups, something Google does not support.
To attract respondents, we advertised the survey in newsgroups and placed banner ads on several Web pages.
The reliability of the information presented is, far and away, the most critical feature of any newsgroup. The charter of MTM calls for responses to be made directly to the newsgroup, rather than using personal e-mail.
So if you select the advanced uses of the newsgroups article, the resulting page gives you links to topics ranging from canceling a post and finding old messages to how people disguise their e-mail addresses and how a newsgroup is formed.