new money

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New money

In a Treasury auction, the amount by which the par value of the securities offered exceeds that of those maturing.

New Money

1. Funds that the U.S. Treasury receives when the face value from a new issue of Treasury securities exceeds the face value of maturing securities. It is calculated as the difference between the new issue and the maturing issue.

2. Informal for nouveau riche.

new money

In corporate or U.S. Treasury debt refunding, the amount by which the par value of new securities exceeds the par value of the securities being refunded. The new money is the additional funds borrowed from the refunding operation.
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The firm said, 'CIT is pleased to expand its portfolio with the addition of this new Money Market account.
Ana said the higher amount of new money being considered for next year's offshore bond sale, which is more than the usual $500 million, was in line with the 2018 financing plan.
It is expected to create 1,300 jobs and more than PS50 million with new money coming in.
Newly formed British challenger bank Virgin Money on Tuesday reported that it has launched two brand new money transfer credit cards and reduced the balance transfer fee on its 37 month balance transfer credit card to 2.
Muscat: Travelex, the world's leading foreign currency specialist, earlier this month launched a new money transfer service in Oman allowing customers to send money directly to foreign bank accounts.
TWO seasons ago point-to-pointing introduced the Horse Sponsorship Scheme in an attempt to bring new money into the sport.
The company now expects revenue of about CHF135m and net new money of CHF1bn for 2011.
THE Bank of England's bid to pump pounds 75bn in new money into the economy got off to a strong start yesterday as would-be sellers scrambled for the cash.
5%, but the MPC thinks more needs to be done to lift the UK out of recession and can create up to pounds 150bn in new money if necessary.
But to conceal the reality of their operation--what amounts to state-sanctioned counterfeiting--the Federal Reserve and other central banks have developed various complex mechanisms for pumping new money into the financial system without the general public becoming wise to what they are doing.
As shown in the chart, new money FA sales were about 70% of a company's business, and 30% were internal or external exchanges.