new listing

New listing

A security that has just been entered on a stock or bond exchange for trading.

New Listing

A stock that begins to be traded on an organized exchange. New listings occur when a company makes an IPO that meets an exchange's listing requirements or if an OTC stock begins to meet the listing requirements.

new listing

A security that has recently been added to an organized exchange's trading list. The security may have been moved from the over-the-counter market or from a different exchange, or it may be the stock of a firm that recently went public.
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Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) President Bill Kirk stated, “Throughout 2014, the condominium apartment market has recorded new listing gains, while until April, the single-family sector saw a reduction in new listings.
This edition has 60 new lists and expanded lists, including a new listing of pain diagnosis.
org/directoryupdate to create a new listing or update their current listing online.
Dubai The Qatar Financial Markets Authority (QFMA) said it has officially adopted the new listing and IPO rules in the secondary market after an in-depth consultation with the concerned parties.
Summary: DOHA - The Qatar Financial Markets Authority, or QFMA, has officially adopted new listing and IPO rules in the secondary market after consultations with concerned parties.
To be eligible to win, one has to join SouqIt, start a new listing during the promotion period and make sure the listing is for a minimum of seven days.
Ken Hailer, MD, former head of the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association, termed the new listing "a wake-up call," adding that anyone--gay or straight--who is not in a monogamous relationship should be immunized.
JofA: Can you describe what impact Principles of Corporate Governance has had on the new listing standards at the New York Stock Exchange Roundtable and the Nasdaq?
A major challenge to CEOs in the coming year will be to assure that their companies meet the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the new listing standards of the stock exchanges.
Expect to see a gradual phase-in of new listing and governance rules for companies listing on the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, a direct result of last year's Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
A newly published reference book aims to help corporate directors, executives and their advisers better understand and comply with new SEC financial reporting regulations, as well as the extensive new listing requirements being enacted by the major stock exchanges.