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Although early studies showed preexistent nevus associated with ALM to be rare, recent publications tend to underline the presence of nevus cells in some cases, and a case control study of ALM, done in Australia and Scotland, found patients with ALM did have higher total body and acral nevi counts.
One such structure is the nevus cell aggregate, which occurs in up to 6.2% of axillary lymph node dissections.
Others (165,166) argued against the legitimacy of this approach, citing uncertainty about the true biological meaning of small, subclinical deposits within lymph nodes in the setting of spitzoid lesions, especially in the context of the known propensity of benign nevus cells to be found within nodes.
C: Histopathologic staining shows that the intradermal nevus is composed of nevus cells (melanocytes) localized only in the dermis (hematoxylin and eosin, original magnification x200).
Furthermore, another common patient-mentioned provoking factor for HN was physical trauma (including scratching and friction), which could injure the nevus cells and cause the release of some covert autoantigens by nevomelanocytes and the subsequent inflammatory infiltration.
Pigmentary naevus: benign tumour spots resulted from the growth of nevus cells on the epidermis.
The second fear is that residual nevus cells left behind will transform to melanoma.