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A Burmese unit of length equivalent to 1.8288 meters.
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To learn more about Spin Servers or to view its dedicated server plans now equipped with 10Gbps network speeds, visit
(ii) Figure 5(b) shows that network speed drops gradually as network vehicle density grows up.
1 gigabit WAN port and 4 gigabit LAN ports for wired network speeds of up to 1000Mbps
Summary: Industry experts shared how companies could enhance their IT security and network speeds using Blue CoatCOs solutions.
On the performance front, an optimal IP SAN must have the ability to keep pace with network speeds for all kinds of storage traffic.
The new 4G service is capable of download speeds rated up to 21Mb/s, with typical speeds more than 10 times faster than current network speeds.
"At the Security and WAN Acceleration event, experts familiarized delegates with Blue Coat technologies that could enhance their company's IT security and network speeds. Attendees to the event were also able to meet with peers from their industry and learn about installations in businesses such as theirs."
Broadband wireless technology enables XO Communications to expand its network coverage in Seattle beyond its metro fiber network and fill a gap for businesses that require higher-speed network speeds but are restricted by the limitations of current 'last-mile' copper-based access connections or due to a lack of direct access to fiber, the company claims.
The speed and granularity with which the pattern discovery algorithm searches for new patterns is critical to the high data reduction rates provided by MSR and the high network speeds at which this technology can operate.
The expansion, which supports the operator's rollout plan of doubling its network speeds by mid-2011, will allow T- Mobile customers to experience faster video streaming, file downloads and web browsing.

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