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  1. a form of WORK ORGANIZATION in which tasks are subcontracted to people who work away from the office (at home for instance) but who are connected to office information systems via COMPUTER-based ELECTRONIC MAIL and similar communications links. Usually networked staff are former employees who have become SELF-EMPLOYED and are now paid on a fee basis. Networking can be advantageous to all parties: employers benefit from lower employment costs whilst networked staff gain more control over their working time.
  2. the establishment by a manager of contacts with other people whose knowledge and expertise might prove useful to the manager.
  3. the linking of a number of firms or business units within a firm in order to develop a supply chain for a product. This could involve, for example, business unit (A) supplying components to business unit (B) which assembles these components into a final product which is then marketed by business unit (C). See MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISE, JUST IN TIME (JIT) SYSTEM.
  4. the process of linking together a number of PERSONAL COMPUTERS in order to facilitate communication between them.


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Social network analysis, used throughout sociology, has surfaced as a method that helps explain interrelationships between actors (i.
If you use a public network, the QoS issues we discuss here are largely out of your control.
Still, as Yanosky points out, you can't just grow a multiple access-point wireless network overnight; the process takes time, planning, and careful execution.
Management must consider not only the current number of computer users who will be on the network but also how many users will be added in the years to come.
The combination of Transmode and Overture Networks is an ideal solution for our network expansion requirements," said John Quinn, Digiweb's head of strategy.
Networks can defend against DoS attacks, as well as from heavy network loads resulting from more innocent causes.
The joint solution will be demonstrated at RSA Conference 2007 at the Microsoft Network Access Protection Pavilion (Booth 2325) and at Vernier Networks' exhibit (Booth 713).
SAN FRANCISCO -- From the Microsoft Network Access Protection Partner Pavilion at the RSA show (booth 2325), Lockdown Networks([R]) today announced that its flagship NAC solution, Lockdown Enforcer[TM], is now shipping with full support for Microsoft Network Access Protection (NAP).
The iNAC architecture creates an extensible NAC policy environment that enables a growing number of third-party security and network infrastructure products to collaborate in network access decisions and actions, leveraging NAC's ability to assess endpoint compliance and enforce policy decisions on the network.
Nasdaq:JNPR) today extended its commitment to open standards for network access control through its new Unified Access Control (UAC) 2.
iPolicy is recognized as one of the industry's most 'visionary' network security solutions, designed to perform deep inspection and secure high-speed enterprise and carrier network environments against current and emerging threats.
With seamless security integration from the network through application layers, the joint AEP Networks-Lockdown Networks solution will overcome one of the trickiest security challenges companies face today: providing a uniform approach to ensuring policy-based access, from the edge to the core, throughout the enterprise, regardless of the technology (i.

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