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  1. a form of WORK ORGANIZATION in which tasks are subcontracted to people who work away from the office (at home for instance) but who are connected to office information systems via COMPUTER-based ELECTRONIC MAIL and similar communications links. Usually networked staff are former employees who have become SELF-EMPLOYED and are now paid on a fee basis. Networking can be advantageous to all parties: employers benefit from lower employment costs whilst networked staff gain more control over their working time.
  2. the establishment by a manager of contacts with other people whose knowledge and expertise might prove useful to the manager.
  3. the linking of a number of firms or business units within a firm in order to develop a supply chain for a product. This could involve, for example, business unit (A) supplying components to business unit (B) which assembles these components into a final product which is then marketed by business unit (C). See MULTINATIONAL ENTERPRISE, JUST IN TIME (JIT) SYSTEM.
  4. the process of linking together a number of PERSONAL COMPUTERS in order to facilitate communication between them.


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Dual addresses: When a computer is connected to an Ethernet network, the system implicitly trusts (and has to trust) virtually all of the other devices on that network in order to function.
"Most processors aren't staffed to evaluate and test distributed systems." In Europe--but not yet in the U.S.--Gefran has extrusion customers using CANopen networks of pressure sensors, which can monitor a line remotely and correct problems more quickly, Caldwell notes.
Now contrast these qualities of the natural system with the system humanity has created, what I have come to call "the Global Network." This Network is wholly manmade, created by evolving technologies.
However, Dominick concedes that additional device and campus network enhancements are required to unlock the full power of dual-mode phones.
A VPN is essentially a software or hardware bridge for connecting a remote user to a company's local area network (LAN), which is a private network, via the Internet, which is a public network.
"We were caught a little bit by surprise by the number of rogue access points that had been plugged in." In some cases, his staff would receive complaints about network slowdowns at a school; on investigating, they would find as many as 10 Wi-Fi hotspots that had been installed without the IT department's knowledge.
A recent study released by the US Secret Service and CERT indicates that a substantial network security threat actually initiates from within.
How can you guarantee journalistic objectivity considering the governments that support the network?
APRN--AG PRODUCERS RADIO NETWORK PO Box 1000, Oklahoma City, OK 73101; 405/858-1458, 800/FARM NET, FAX: 405/858-5313 Web site: Year established: 1995 Number of ag employees: 5 8 stations in High Plains cotton country all carrying farm programming.
One of the most important challenges facing enterprises in recent years is preventing important, and often times confidential, information from going out through the network. Until now, simple fire walling has failed to prevent information leakage through web mail, email, web hard, blogs, or internet bulleting boards, and it was impossible to trace these information leaks.
Social network analysis, used throughout sociology, has surfaced as a method that helps explain interrelationships between actors (i.e., individuals, groups, team members, organizations, and countries) (Perez & Kedia, 2002).
Though percentages vary by type of work, from 40% to 70% of persons find their jobs through contact persons in their social network. In studying hiring by a bank Fernandez and Weinberg (1997) found applicants with a referral were more than twice as likely to get an interview and, conditional on getting an interview, over three times as likely to get a job offer, ultimately making them ten times as likely (30% vs.

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