net sales

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Net sales

Gross sales less returns and allowances, freight out, and cash discounts allowed.

Net Sales

The amount a company receives from the sale of its products, after deducting discounts, returns of products by customers, and damaged, missing, or stolen products. Net sales provide the most accurate calculation of what a company has received or expects to receive in revenue from sales. Any financial statement indicating "sales" refers to net sales.

net sales

Gross sales for a period after cash discounts, returns, and freight expenses have been deducted. Compare gross sales.
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The company reported higher net sales of Revlon color cosmetics in the UK and certain distributor territories, fragrances in Italy and South Africa, and other beauty care products in South Africa.
In the Filtration segment, net sales hit $117 million, a 27.
Net sales of the Specialty Papers segment amounted to $274 million, representing 48% of the group's net sales.
The net sales of the Advanced Nonwovens business area in the fourth quarter fell the most, a decrease of 12.
Internationally, in the Asia Pacific region, net sales increased 6.
Net sales for the six months ended June 30, 2009 were $110.
In Europe, Middle East and Africa, net sales increased 9% to $200.