net current assets

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Net current assets

The difference between current assets and current liabilities, also known as working capital.
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Working Capital

The amount of money a company has on hand, or will have, in a given year. Working capital is calculated by subtracting current liabilities from current assets. That is, one takes the value of all debts and obligations for the current year and subtracts that from the value of all cash and assets that might reasonably be converted into cash in the current year. This is a good measure of the short and medium-term financial health of a company, and may indicate by how much it can expand its operations without resorting to borrowing or another capital raising tactic. Working capital is also called operating assets or net current assets.
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net current assets

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net current assets

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Net corporate surplus comprises reserve funds of various kinds excluding depreciation reserves while companies' net current assets represent the excess of their liquid and other current assets (viz., cash, deposits, securities and stocks) over their current liabilities of various kinds.
In the 12 months leading up to 30 April 2014, PPS had assets of GBP2.67m and net current assets of GBP1.6m.
Net cash proceeds of about USD65.7m adjusted for net current assets are expected as per the purchase agreement, which will allow the company to increase cash deployed for earnings-accretive activities, such as strategic acquisitions, debt repayment and organic growth initiatives, as well as other corporate purposes.
The buyer is also due to pay a further cash consideration if iS' net current assets exceed GBP500,000 at closing.
The maximum total price of GBP13m includes around GBP1m of net current assets, the buyer said.
The consideration implies a further write down of approximately EUR50m, including about EUR20m in assets held for sale and some EUR30m in net current assets.
As at the end of June 2011, its net current assets were GBP26m.
AHIa[euro](tm)s net assets were USD1.8m (EUR1.4m) as at the end of 2010, while its net current assets amounted to USD1.5m.
Its fixed and net current assets were GBP4.4m and GBP3.1m, respectively.
The remaining amount is to come from the net current assets of the security business which Redstone will keep, and 3.5% loan notes to expire before 31 March 2011.