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( TechCrunch tried out Opera Neon, and the tech news site says it does not look like any of the typical browsers nowadays.
Orange lights use neon gas and a green fluorescent coating.
Al Fajer Neon Energy will operate in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors to support the development of clean energy projects in the UAE.
Alexis Gianniotis, CEO of Al Fajer Neon Energy, said his company is proud to collaborate with Al Fajer to contribute to the development of the UAE's renewable energy sector.
That neon can be perceived in contradictory ways is illustrated by the story of Georges Claude, "the father ...
Neon's dad, 35, talks in a documentary about how his son is recovering.
Sally goes back to the place where she hid with Neon in December and introduces the alternative therapy practitioner she trusted to treat her son.
Glow on the beach in this neon pink bandeau bikini, top PS15 and briefs PS14; neon bling necklace, PS25; multi-bangle set, PS10; tassel charm bracelets, PS8; gecho ring, PS10; multi-stacking ring set, PS7; Salinas chunky bracelet, PS12, and disc and charm anklet pack PS7, All from Accessorize.
Neon was diagnosed with cancer in October but mum Sally, 37, fought a legal battle against radiotherapy as she feared side effects and wanted to try alternative treatments.
Mr Justice Bodey, who had been told by doctors that Neon could die within months without radiotherapy treatment, said he sympathised with the "nightmare" confronting Ms Roberts.
Mr Justice Bodey yesterday overruled Sally's claims that giving her son Neon radiotherapy could cause him long-term harm.
Afterwards Mrs Roberts, 37, of Tiverton, Devon, said Neon was doing well.