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However when armed with sufficient knowledge and information about their own and the MCO's needs, nursing homes should be able to negotiate terms that benefit both parties.
Further, the FTC found that the terms of the powers of attorney improperly granted NTSP authority to negotiate the terms of, enter into, execute, amend, modify, extend, or terminate the relevant contracts--activities prohibited by a legitimate messenger model.
Unrebutted testimony at the hearing revealed that the HMO understood this as a clear message that these physicians would not negotiate directly with the HMO and therefore concluded that they were trapped with no practical alternative to dealing with NTSP.
In a messenger model, a physician network uses the messenger to convey to payers information obtained individually from the providers about the prices or price-related terms that the providers are willing to accept, but the messenger does not negotiate on behalf of the providers.
This diagnosis suggests the hospital facilities executive should negotiate using principled collaboration (C2).
That is, the physician executive and the other party usually negotiate over several substantive items.