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According to police sources, all town SPs of the district have been directed to prepare lists of corrupt, negligent and inefficient police officials and send these to CPO Office for strict departmental action.
A criminally negligent dump truck driver caused an auto accident in which Lisa Emahiser was killed and her son injured.
A Delhi court has warned the Delhi Transport Corporation ( DTC) for rash and negligent driving in BRT corridor and asked the drivers to be cautious about the pedestrians.
On July 3, 2010, Bryant Bank sued the Appraiser for breach of contract and negligent misrepresentation arising from the bank's reliance on the appraisal report in issuing the loan to WST.
It added: "BP believes the finding that it was grossly negligent is not supported by the evidence at trial.
The Bluecoat has opened a new exhibition entitled The Negligent Eye, which reflects a change in attitudes to technology in art and "increasing experimentation with the material output of data, including rapid-form and 3D scanning and digital multiplication.
Audie works in Miami and focuses on medical malpractice, insurance coverage issues, personal injury claims, contractual disputes, negligent security, intellectual property, automobile negligence, and general liability claims.
Summary: Seoul: South Korean police said Tuesday they were investigating three Samsung managers for possible negligent .
and charged with negligent operation of a motor vehicle and operating under the influence of drugs.
Under the Payment Services Directive, if someone is a victim of fraud, the bank must refund them immediately unless it has good grounds to suspect that the cardholder has been negligent or acted fraudulently.
On its own, the use of the correct Pin is not enough to prove the card holder was complicit in the fraud or negligent under the regulations.