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This is not the place for a full description of the negative income tax and its technicalities.
5 billion annually on targeted programs for adults with annual incomes below $21,000, most of it devoted to a negative income tax for adults costed at $7 billion annually.
The negative income tax was "perhaps the only major policy proposal of any type [in the United States] to command the enthusiastic support of a broad spectrum of economists ranging from Milton Friedman to James Tobin".
Moreover, advocates of guaranteed income and related schemes for a negative income tax often overstate the ability to "cash out" other programs to help finance their proposed schemes.
2) After describing how his negative income tax program might work, he noted:
Pat'' Brown and 17 others unanimously agreed that, as economist Milton Friedman worded it: ``We should replace the ragbag of welfare programs with a single, comprehensive program of income supplements in cash - a negative income tax.
There are many specific proposals for a Basic Income Guarantee; most of them fall into one of two broad categories: the Basic Income (BI) and the Negative Income Tax (NIT).
26 per share) reflect negative income tax expense of $268,000, the result of certain one time tax benefits not repeated in 1997.
303 offers a very attractive way for an estate or beneficiaries to receive desired cash with little or no negative income tax effects, three major conditions must be met for Sec.
32 per share) reflect negative income tax expense as a result of one-time tax benefits not repeated in 1997.