necessary condition

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necessary condition

a condition that is indispensable for the achievement of an objective. A necessary condition is usually contrasted with sufficient condition, which is viewed as the adequacy of a condition to achieve an objective.

For example, an increase in INVESTMENT is a necessary condition in the achievement of higher rates of ECONOMIC GROWTH, but it is not a sufficient condition to generate growth insofar as other factors, such as an increase in the LABOUR FORCE, also contribute to raising growth rates.

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If, however, our definition was not complete, if those things only are properly called relative in the case of which relation to an external object is a necessary condition of existence, perhaps some explanation of the dilemma may be found.
Indeed this is self-evident: for if a man knows that some particular thing is relative, assuming that we call that a relative in the case of which relation to something is a necessary condition of existence, he knows that also to which it is related.
You reproach us, therefore, with intending to do away with a form of property, the necessary condition for whose existence is the non-existence of any property for the immense majority of society.
At all events, a very necessary condition in its production was a renaissance in myself of the art of hearing.
Yet she had not the vixenish temper which is sometimes supposed to be a necessary condition of such habits: she was a very mild, patient woman, whose nature it was to seek out all the sadder and more serious elements of life, and pasture her mind upon them.
A man puts his mind into his horse, and sinks to the level of that useful animal--as a necessary condition of getting to his destination without being upset.
In the vast desolation of such a place as complied with the necessary conditions, there must have been such profusion of natural growth as would bar the progress of men formed as we are.
I lived frugally; I had accepted the conditions of the monastic life, necessary conditions for every worker, scarcely permitting myself a walk along the Boulevard Bourdon when the weather was fine.
I was only colouring the Canaletto engravings that hung in my old bedroom at home; the picture was a shifting one, my mind wandering uncertainly in search of more vivid images; I could see no accident of form or shadow without conscious labour after the necessary conditions. It was all prosaic effort, not rapt passivity, such as I had experienced half an hour before.
"I have not amended any provisions of the law, but simply added a necessary condition to avail the bail," Srivastava said.
Also, they cannot expect any recognition or benefit to be provided by blacks, only mistrust; they must accept their alienation as their own responsibility and as a necessary condition for whatever genuine form of integrated living may, in the long run, be possible.
The construction of the Light Rail Transit line 1 (LRT-1) extension is not a necessary condition for the government to implement a fare hike on the said line.

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