necessary condition

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necessary condition

a condition that is indispensable for the achievement of an objective. A necessary condition is usually contrasted with sufficient condition, which is viewed as the adequacy of a condition to achieve an objective.

For example, an increase in INVESTMENT is a necessary condition in the achievement of higher rates of ECONOMIC GROWTH, but it is not a sufficient condition to generate growth insofar as other factors, such as an increase in the LABOUR FORCE, also contribute to raising growth rates.

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If, however, our definition was not complete, if those things only are properly called relative in the case of which relation to an external object is a necessary condition of existence, perhaps some explanation of the dilemma may be found.
Indeed this is self-evident: for if a man knows that some particular thing is relative, assuming that we call that a relative in the case of which relation to something is a necessary condition of existence, he knows that also to which it is related.
You reproach us, therefore, with intending to do away with a form of property, the necessary condition for whose existence is the non-existence of any property for the immense majority of society.
At all events, a very necessary condition in its production was a renaissance in myself of the art of hearing.
Yet she had not the vixenish temper which is sometimes supposed to be a necessary condition of such habits: she was a very mild, patient woman, whose nature it was to seek out all the sadder and more serious elements of life, and pasture her mind upon them.
A man puts his mind into his horse, and sinks to the level of that useful animal--as a necessary condition of getting to his destination without being upset.
In the vast desolation of such a place as complied with the necessary conditions, there must have been such profusion of natural growth as would bar the progress of men formed as we are.
I lived frugally; I had accepted the conditions of the monastic life, necessary conditions for every worker, scarcely permitting myself a walk along the Boulevard Bourdon when the weather was fine.
I was only colouring the Canaletto engravings that hung in my old bedroom at home; the picture was a shifting one, my mind wandering uncertainly in search of more vivid images; I could see no accident of form or shadow without conscious labour after the necessary conditions.
Financial stability is a necessary condition for achieving prosperity and sustainable growth in the country the Governor of the Central bank of Sri Lanka Dr.
That's right, but as Skousen admitted, the financing is merely a necessary condition, not a sufficient one.
This recognition constitutes a necessary condition to getting a true solution to the [Israeli-Palestinian] conflict," Netanyahu added.

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