national product

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Gross National Product

A measure of the value of what a country's citizens produce in a given year, whether or not the production occurred in that country. To calculate GNP, one takes the GDP and adds to it all earnings made by domestic citizens in a different country. One then subtracts from this quantity all earnings made in the home country by non-citizens. GNP is less commonly used now because it has become a less accurate tool for calculating what a domestic economy produces, as more countries have citizens working abroad.

national product

the total money value of goods and services produced in a country over a given time period (GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT). Gross national product less CAPITAL CONSUMPTION or depreciation is called NET NATIONAL PRODUCT, which is equal to NATIONAL INCOME. See NATIONAL INCOME ACCOUNTS.
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The official said the first phase involves obligatory inclusion of national products to coops goods lists and giving them attractive price.
Such statements include statements regarding the financial security of VoiceStream's national presence, the public acceptance of VoiceStream as a premier GSM provider, the profit potential from VoiceStream products, the Company's ability to launch an aggressive sales campaign, the success of that sales campaign in reaching a gross sales level of 5 units daily from the Company's twenty locations, the ability of the Company to continue its national product and service distribution agreement with VoiceStream and any other related party, other retail operations factors which might influence the sale of VoiceStream products, including local and national competition with the Company's retail store offerings, and the Company's ability to roll-out VoiceStream services in Canada.
Storage Leader Works with National Product Design Firm To Enhance
GS1 Canada will continue to provide data synchronization solutions using ECCnet Registry, Canada's national product registry, for over 3,000 companies in the Grocery, Foodservice, and Pharmacy sectors.
the company that provides meat-processing and inspection services for ConAgra, does not operate under the standards needed to classify Hebrew National products as kosher, (http://www.
Pink Sheets:DFDR) announced today that the Company has acquired Steiger Meats, a long established quality meat and poultry distributor from New York City, as well as a distributor of Hebrew National products for the New York City/Metropolitan area.
NYSE: CAG) released the following statement on Tuesday, in response to a class action lawsuit that calls into question the kosher status of its Hebrew National products.
The initiative aims to support and market national products in the market as well as to support and ease investors' access to consumers in addition to opening markets to merchants and investors seeking to launch new products.

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