national product

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Gross National Product

A measure of the value of what a country's citizens produce in a given year, whether or not the production occurred in that country. To calculate GNP, one takes the GDP and adds to it all earnings made by domestic citizens in a different country. One then subtracts from this quantity all earnings made in the home country by non-citizens. GNP is less commonly used now because it has become a less accurate tool for calculating what a domestic economy produces, as more countries have citizens working abroad.

national product

the total money value of goods and services produced in a country over a given time period (GROSS NATIONAL PRODUCT). Gross national product less CAPITAL CONSUMPTION or depreciation is called NET NATIONAL PRODUCT, which is equal to NATIONAL INCOME. See NATIONAL INCOME ACCOUNTS.
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While a growth of a little more than 7 percent in the national product - including inflation - would erode that debt to 35 percent of the annual national product again - as it was in 1981.
Beggan joined Prudential in 1998 as part of the large loan team and transitioned to a national product specialist role in early 2000.
We were drawn to Vanguard's track record in national product launches," says Stanley Wolfson, Clancy Systems International's president and CEO.
Summary: The Made in UAE exhibition reflects booming national industries and will give a shot in the arm to the industrial sector through promoting and marketing national products to keep pace with the comprehensive boom supported by the wise leadership, according to Mohammed Thani Al Rumaithi, president of the Federation of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, or FCCI, and chairman of the board of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, or ADCCI.
the company that provides meat-processing and inspection services for ConAgra, does not operate under the standards needed to classify Hebrew National products as kosher, (http://www.
Ministry of Industry and Trade is working to launch an executive program of the promotion campaign of "Made in Yemen," which includes activities for promoting various national products.
Omega National Products offers the new Fennel modular tambour door kit, designed for frameless cabinet applications.
NYSE: CAG) released the following statement on Tuesday, in response to a class action lawsuit that calls into question the kosher status of its Hebrew National products.
KUWAIT, March 22 (KUNA) -- The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor Thursday, called on the Union of Consumer Cooperative Societies (KCCS), to implement decisions made by ministries to support and promote national products in co-op supermarkets.
Omega National Products says its new EVO pull-out pantry is powered by Fulterer 771 ECS heavy-duty slides for easy dose.
Sznewajs as executive vice president in charge of support services and the National Products Group of the Northwest headquartered regional banking company.
PEIE aspires through this exhibition to disseminate awareness on distinguished and high quality national products and their ability to compete locally and abroad simultaneously.

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