national plan

National Plan

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national plan

a long-term plan for the development of an economy. Such plans usually cover a period of five years or more and attempt to remove bottlenecks to economic development by coordinating the growth of different sectors of the economy by making appropriate investment and manpower planning arrangements. National plans are formulated by government agencies in CENTRALLY PLANNED ECONOMIES and by collaboration between government, industry and trade unions in MIXED ECONOMICS. See also INDICATIVE PLANNING, NATIONAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT COUNCIL.
References in classic literature ?
There was no national plan, no standardization, no staff of inventors and improvers.
The main peculiarity in Holland is that there is no national plan, but rather a patchwork, that resembles Joseph's coat of many colors.
A National Plan to address elder abuse will be developed to ensure the protection of older people in our community.
MANAMA: Industry, Commerce and Tourism Minister Zayed Al Zayani has announced a national plan to be implemented in co-operation with the Economic Development Board (EDB), Tamkeen, and the Bahrain Development Bank to develop the small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
SCW National Strategy director Rana Ahmed Khalifa Al-Ahmed attended the workshop themed "Developing National Plan to Implement Resolutions on Women, Security and Peace in the Arab Region".
Qatar's efforts in the fields of international co-operation and foreign aid are an "integral part" of the country's national plan, according to the Secretary-General at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr Ahmed bin Hassan al-Hammadi, who underscored the importance of strengthening regional and international partnerships for development.
This was revealed by the data compiled by UNESCO and National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) for developing National Plan of Action for Literacy (2018-2025).
In this essay we review the highlights of the call for a national plan and then share some of the responses to it as a basis for ongoing engagement with the proposal.
Bakri Hassan Salih, has approved the national plan of the Great Green Wall in Sudan.
Amman, March 22 (Petra) -- Prime Minister, Abdullah Ensour, on Tuesday, instructed ministries, public departments and institutions to publish the Comprehensive National Plan on Human Rights on their official websites.
The chairman made this announcement when he presided at the 20th meeting of the Supervisory Committee for the National Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation (NPSTI) held at the KACST headquarters recently.
The UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) invited concerned government entities and stakeholders to an interactive workshop featuring an open dialogue session, aimed to discuss the National Plan to support smart government initiatives in the UAE.

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