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Entertainment Television and Metan's founder and PresidentLarry Namer speaks of Eric's movement Hollywood the EZ Way and what it is to him.
I am thrilled to have been awarded the America's Next Top Namer Scholarship by Strategic Name Development," said Stephanie.
Every Friday, you can interact with enhanced/interactive `Judge Judy' in an Internet chat room while watching the show, but this fall we'll have our first syndicated dramatic series with the clothing and furniture for sale,'' Namer explains.
Namer was inspired lay designer Donna Karan and her Urban Zen Foundation, which promotes eastern yoga, meditation and breathing practices as pain management treatments for the chronically ill.
To the inspired namer of plants, some feature of this plant apparently resembles wide eyes, perhaps the flower buds just before they open.
Namer is well known to us for his pioneering efforts in the Soviet Union and then Russia as the founder and CEO of Comspan, not to mention his role as co-founder of E
We want to shift the concept of luxury from 'brand 'recognition to quality recognition," explained Michael Namer, founder and CEO of Alfa Development.
Larry Namer, the network's chief operating officer, a former chief executive of the E
Mathew Lucas, Vice President, TeleStrategies and Namer Aljazrawi, Director, Razorsight.
Entertainment Television co-founder Larry Namer and Amerilink founder Jean Zhang.
We all have to be responsible with the environment," Mike Namer of Alfa Development said.
Smith, senior producer, and by former consultant Larry Namer, who is no longer involved with City Sessions.