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In this study, within 30 min postapplication, a significant degeneration was observed in the spinal nerve roots, especially in myelinated nerve fibers, in electron microscopy.
Persistent myelinated nerve fibers were also a common finding in patients from Yemen, a finding that may have a genetic predisposition and is a point that needs further investigation.
Furthermore, the muscle and nerve biopsy revealed typical fiber Type II grouping atrophy, significantly decreased myelinated nerve fibers with abundantly thin myelinated fibers and onion bulbs changes.
The above changes decrease the activity of Na+K+ATP-ase (sodium potassium ATP-ase) thought to be located primarily in the nodal and paranodal regions of large myelinated nerve fibers resulting in increased intra-axonal Na+ concentration, reduced nodal Na+ permeability causing diminished conduction velocity.
Moreover, toluidine blue staining and TEM showed that the average diameter of the regenerated myelinated nerve fibers was larger in the dANS group than the hANS group and featured a thicker myelin sheath, whereas the number of regenerated axons did not significantly differ between groups.
(6) Recovery Ratio of Quantity, Diameter, and Myelin Sheath Thickness in Regenerated Myelinated Nerve Fibers. 6w and 12 w following the surgery, the toluidine blue staining slices of bilateral nerve segments in each group were observed under light microscope that magnified 1000 times to count the quantity of myelinated nerve fibers in each field of vision and contrast the quantity of experimental side to the quantity of normal side to get the recovery ratio:
In evaluating peripheral nerve function, electrodiagnostic testing examines the integrity of only large myelinated nerve fibers with the fastest conduction velocities.
"K+ Channel Clustering in Myelinated Nerve Fibers" Matthew Rasband, Ph.D.
Although the rebuilt sheaths were spare compared with the thick myelin sheaths of healthy mice, he says computer simulations by other research teams suggest that even thinly myelinated nerve fibers can conduct electrical impulses almost normally.
Histological examination of H&E stained sciatic nerve showed that there is non-significant difference between the density of the myelinated nerve fibers in control and GDM offspring.