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The peoples of Pakistan and Afghanistan, she said, are bound by the unbreakable ties of history, faith, blood and language, as well as mutual interdependence.
However India protests, it won't affect the process of the initiative, or alter the historic trend of increasing mutual interdependence between China and regional counties.
The "glass half-full" perspective shapes another vision, one of mutual interdependence.
That is to say, there exists now a mutual interdependence between science and education.
Franchising has at its core a relationship between franchisors and franchisees of mutual interdependence and reliance.
The essay shows how Ryle specifies the general notion into knowledge-how and knowledge-that, and it discusses the mutual interdependence exhibited by the two forms of knowledge.
Gwadar port can revive the economy of Pakistan under the fast growing mutual interdependence between the two countries.
Jaffe argues that the novel's "realist fantasy" forms through this "simultaneously accessible and always slightly out of reach" reality and "offer[s] what have long been understood as the particular pleasures of realist reading": the mutual interdependence of coherent reader identity and coherent "social space" (25).
It is destined to bring significant improvement in the lives of hundreds of millions of people, besides further promoting mutual interdependence among regional states," he added.
We will study alterations of components and networks over time and upon defined perturbations and mutual interdependence of network and component characteristics.
In today's interconnected world marked with growing mutual interdependence, this is not a choice; rather it is an inescapable necessity.
Second, an ASIA that can compete at equal footing or even at an advantage with the European Union and the Americas; bringing not a stalemate but a global progress based on mutual interdependence and respect for each other.

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