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Municipal Bond

A bond issued by a local or state government. Municipal bonds are usually used to raise capital for improvements in infrastructure or other aspects of the municipality. For example, a city or school district may issue a bond to build a new school or a new playground. Municipal bonds are exempt from federal income taxes and sometimes from state and local taxes as well. Municipals usually pay lower coupons than corporate bonds, but because the yield is tax-free, the after-tax basis may be higher for a municipal bond. Risk varies with the municipality and the particular type of municipal bond. It is sometimes called a municipal improvement certificate.
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These companies and their coin-operated think tanks generally make three paradoxical arguments against municipal broadband.
The next column takes a look at the "controllable" factors in municipal government.
* $408,000, 48-unit project in Mississauga, municipal non-profit organization of Peel Region, for lower income single persons.
Though Seki oversaw the completion of Osaka's first municipal subway line in 1933, and the controversial construction of the enormous Midosuji boulevard (which, like New York's Broadway, still cuts a northsouth thoroughfare through the city), his dreams of redefining Osaka had been diminished.
However, compared to municipal bonds, foreign bonds are generally considered inappropriate for high-income taxpayers; the after-tax expected return is too low to justify the risk on a relative basis.
Still, how can you choose among the 1,845 municipal bond funds tracked by Chicago-based Morningstar Inc.?
The generated demands for municipal water caused the authorities to divert agricultural water to urban uses and resulted in drying up of the perennial streams, especially the perennial stream of Amman, and, by 1977, the city needed more water than the local resources could supply.
The undersecretary highlighted the Works Minister's constant directives to cooperate with municipal councils to contribute to delivering modern services.
Unilateral decision-making by the mayor and the lack of consultation with the municipal council in the management of municipal affairs are among these grievances.
Malik Tariq said the teams of 10 municipal committees took part in the drive and disposed off the killed dogs' bodies.
Independent candidate Dejan ProA!ic (29 percent) won most votes for Municipal Mayor of Bosanski Petrovac, whereas SDA candidate Mersudin Nanic is the new Municipal Mayor of BuA3/4im.
Securities and Exchange Commission, assigned the following ratings: --RBC Municipal Floater Certificates (Floater Certificates) Series G-60 'AA'/'F1+'/Stable Outlook; and--RBC Municipal Residual Certificates (Residual Certificates) Series G-60 'AA'/Outlook Stable.

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