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Fifth letter of a NASDAQ stock symbol specifying that the issue is the company's fourth class of preferred shares.


1. A symbol (M) indicating that a bond has matured. It is used most often on transaction tables in a newspaper.

2. A symbol (M) indicating that the dividend on a stock has been reduced by a certain amount. It is used most often on transaction tables in a newspaper.

3. A symbol (m) indicating that the closing price of a security is lower than the closing price of the previous trading day.

4. A symbol (m) indicating the percentage by which the net asset value per share of a closed-end investment company exceeds its share price.

5. A symbol for 1,000.


1. Used in bond transaction tables in newspapers to indicate a bond that has matured and is no longer drawing interest: Cuba 4 1/2 77m.
2. Used in the dividend column of stock transaction tables of newspapers to indicate an annual dividend rate that is reduced on the last declaration date: .20m.
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The Hawaii DOH will investigate mumps cases statewide as the outbreak continues.
Mumps can be spread by the infected person by touching surfaces or objects with unwashed hands, talking, coughing, sharing items with others or sneezing.
The clinical director of Health Protection Scotland, Dr Syed Ahmed, said the largest current mumps outbreaks were in Aberdeen, Dundee, Glasgow and Edinburgh - cities with large numbers of students - as well as Lanarkshire.
Schools in Uzbekistan have received a similar official recommendation, obliging teachers to convince parents to tell other people that their children are sick from the flu or ARVI rather than from mumps.
We reviewed data on mumps cases reported to the registration system for notifiable infectious diseases in the Netherlands (OSIRIS) during September 1, 2009-August 31, 2012.
While most people recover from mumps within a week, it can still be a very unpleasant disease.
The study opens the door to consider whether the most effective strategy - would be to revaccinate adolescents in order to restore their immunity to these viruses," not the development of a new vaccine against new strains of the mumps virus, the FDA statement said.
The authors of the study concluded that these outbreaks, which recently have affected mostly young adults, "reflect a progressively weakening immune response to mumps viruses that occurs over the years following childhood vaccination," according to a summary of the study (J.
THE number of children vaccinated against measles and mumps in Liverpool has hit its highest level for 10 years.
Mumps virus is a moderately to highly contagious enveloped RNA virus belonging to the family Paramyxoviridae.