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Multinational Corporation

A corporation that maintains assets and/or operations in more than one country. A multinational corporation often has a long supply chain that may, for example, require the acquisition of raw materials in one country, a product's manufacture in a second country, and its retail sale in a third country. A multinational often globally manages its operations from a main office in its home country. Multinational corporations are controversial among groups such as environmentalists and worker advocates, who claim that multinationals exploit resources and employees. On the other hand, proponents argue that multinationals create wealth in every country where they operate, which ultimately benefits workers as well as shareholders.


Of, relating to, or being a company with subsidiaries or other operations in a number of countries. The diversity of operations of such companies subjects them to unique risks (for example, exchange rate changes or government nationalization) but at the same time offers them unique profit opportunities closed to domestic companies.
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Confronting multinationalism with political institutions such as multipartyism and constitutionally enshrined minority rights can advance liberal democratic ideals.
This criticism of the head of Japan's coalition government is yet another reflection of the Soka Gakkai and Komeito's support for conditional pacifism and multinationalism.
Globalization as "the frontier of multinationalism and cultural diversity" (27) is not something going on "out there" beyond a country's border, but is a complex of inter-related processes of "globalizing " forces that are at work not only "abroad," but equally affect also one's "home".
He said: "It's one of the obscenities of capitalism and multinationalism.
Such multinationalism inspires trepidation in some observers because of the vision it conjures up of a pan-Islamist Sunni revolution toppling Muslim nations like dominoes across strategically important South Asia and the oil-rich Middle East.
Military" held at the National Defense University in 1993, Admiral Paul David Miller, then Commander in Chief, Atlantic Command, spoke about a revolution in defense multinationalism and suggested that teamwork, interoperability, and functional connectivity were key to operational success.
43] Proportionate representation would establish multinationalism as the norm and place coalition partners in a situation where cooperative decision making is required for success.
It's a reaction to multinationalism and free trade, where everything is generic.
The successive creation of FTAs in the 1990s, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement, has ushered in the coexistence of multinationalism and regionalism, the powerful business lobby said in a report.
In assessing commitment to multinationalism, the UN also provides an important benchmark.
and risk managers must be able to bridge cultural gaps" as global business continues to expand and new risks of multinationalism emerge, especially with old barriers tumbling down in areas such as the former Soviet Union, where market economies are struggling but nonetheless stumbling forward.

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