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Multinational Corporation

A corporation that maintains assets and/or operations in more than one country. A multinational corporation often has a long supply chain that may, for example, require the acquisition of raw materials in one country, a product's manufacture in a second country, and its retail sale in a third country. A multinational often globally manages its operations from a main office in its home country. Multinational corporations are controversial among groups such as environmentalists and worker advocates, who claim that multinationals exploit resources and employees. On the other hand, proponents argue that multinationals create wealth in every country where they operate, which ultimately benefits workers as well as shareholders.


Of, relating to, or being a company with subsidiaries or other operations in a number of countries. The diversity of operations of such companies subjects them to unique risks (for example, exchange rate changes or government nationalization) but at the same time offers them unique profit opportunities closed to domestic companies.
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Lahore -- Multinationals always played a fundamental role in economic uplift of any country as they do bring much-needed foreign investment and create employment opportunities for the locals.
In Africa and Central America in particular, multinational companies are often the largest single economic entity operating within a country.
In 1976, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), a body comprised of 33 industrialized countries, agreed to adhere to a set of recommendations known as the "Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises.
Clients number some of the largest multinational mailers in the business-t-business and consumer publishing and mail-order sectors.
Still, even those who are most concerned about globalization's environmental threats concede an argument made by many multinational corporations: that the best method to achieve long-term environmental health in developing countries is through economic development, not necessarily through regulation.
Now, finally, Americans are appreciating that when multinationals call the shots, many of the things we hold precious are in jeopardy.
Depending on the number and identity of the owners, any foreign entity that the multinational decides to elect to treat as a passthrough entity can be structured to be treated as either a partnership or branch.
multinational corporations with a stake in foreign countries.
The multinational force ``must be prepared to defend itself.
In early 1994, in an unusual joint statement, the Department of Finance and Revenue Canada issued a warning to Canadian members of multinational groups involving units in the United States that periodic adjustment in respect of licenses of intangibles or the comparable profits method - as set out in the temporary section 482 regulations - are not considered acceptable methods of determining arm's-length prices and their use could lead to conflict with Revenue Canada.
The new study, entitled Multinational Investments in Emerging Markets, indicates that 48 percent of U.
By 1982, an estimated $93 billion, much of it money controlled by multinational corporations operating in Latin America, had been moved from the region--$36 billion from Mexico alone.

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