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1. Adjusted Debit Balance. The amount of money an investor owes on a margin account. This is calculated as the amount the investor directly owes his/her broker less the paper profit the investor has made on short sales and similar transactions on a special miscellaneous account. The adjusted debit balance is important to determining the amount owed in case of a margin call. According to Regulation T, an investor can only make a cash or securities withdrawal if the adjusted debit balance is small.

2. Asian Development Bank. A bank that promotes economic growth and international development in the Asia-Pacific region of the world. It finances its activities with bonds and works closely with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank toward accomplishing its goals. Its two largest shareholders are the United States and Japan. It was established in 1966 and is headquartered in Manila.
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Standard I/O includes a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet pot, two 16C550 compatible RS-232 serial ports, a parallel port, 2 USB ports and a standard PS/2 keyboard and mouse port. The 4C61A with 64M or RAM is priced at $289 in quantities of 100.
ports, 1 serial, 1 parallel, 6 USB, 1PS/2 mouse port, 1 PS/2 kbd port, 1 RJ45 ethernet port, 3 PCI slots & 1 AGP slots, memory 512 MB, 80 GB HDD, combo drive, KBD, opticalmouse, Win XP pro, 15" TFT monitor
Furthermore, the CS692's USB 2.0 mouse port can be used for a USB hub to allow peripheral sharing, providing yet more convenience for the desktop user.
The PPM-520 includes 4 full-duplex, UARTs supporting RS-232 serial data communication, FDC, IDE interface, keyboard controller, LPT, and mouse port. As a standalone board, or expanded with PC/104 or PC/104-Plus bus modules, the PPM-520 SBC delivers a solid solution to OEMs with budget-minded embedded applications.
Providing serial, digital, and analog I/O expansions in the front and rear on a 1.75" chassis, Sealevel System's Relio R4000 rackmount computer features dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet, two high-speed USB 2.0 ports, four serial ports, keyboard and mouse ports, and analog video.
Its innovative low-power design allows the Spider to be server-powered from two USB connections or one USB connection plus the PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports.