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They will emphasize early mother-infant bonding, and help mothers prepare for the arrival of their babies.
There are convincing data that the emotional quality of mother-infant bonding influences the ability to form other human relationships later on.
The benefits of K Care included: increased weight gain; less crying at six months of age; and enhanced mother-infant bonding with more frequent eye contact between parents and infant (Lundington-Hoe, 1990; Whitelaw, 1990).
Not only does it promote mother-infant bonding, they argue, it also transfers many of a woman's disease-fighting antibodies to her baby.
Hospital policy can be developed to make available services to support a positive postpartum mother-infant bonding.
We had been interested in this area for a number of reasons but primarily because of the importance of mother-infant bonding to the long-term health and wellbeing of a child.