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What would happen if NTT were allowed to monopolize the optical fiber era?
The federal jury in Atlanta found that McClendon used his ties to an Atlanta city official to "monopolize the city's investment activity."
There is no reason why the United States should monopolize these benefits.
The announcement follows a federal judge's finding that Microsoft illegally used its monopoly in personal-computer operating system software to monopolize the market for Web browsers.
WorldPay would like to see the establishment of a voluntary code of conduct for Internet trading to provide security to consumers, the prevention of the potential creation of one party that would dominate the technology or monopolize the knowledge needed for e-commerce and the initiation of a national e-commerce education programme both for consumers and companies.
They try to monopolize the group."[5] They probably won't change unless confronted, so it behooves the meeting facilitator or some member of the team to take control and wrestle speaking floor time away from the person.
President Duterte has warned of trouble if China would monopolize the exploration of oil and uranium in the disputed South China Sea.
The FJP which dominates the house called for a referendum on the decision and accused the ruling generals of wanting to monopolize power ahead of a planned handover to civilian rule by July.
Japanese makers monopolize the retarder film market, and Fuji Photo Film, Zeon, and Konica Minolta Opto will continue to supply retarder films for various large LCD applications.
Alleging that the over 30 defendants conspired to monopolize the listing service market, BrokersNYC is seeking access to REBNY's residential listings as well as up to $16 million in compensation for damages resulting from its exclusion.
If Aerolineas gets its way and buys Pluna, it could monopolize Uruguay's busy skies.