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Experimental task and analysis of handspring performance: The experimental task was a handspring on vault that had to be performed either with binocular vision or with monocular vision (see Figure 1).
The survey just noted inspired the development of the Acquired Monocular Vision Rehabilitation (AMVR) evaluation and training program to guide and teach these specific skills to each patient with acquired monocular vision.
Elephants use monocular vision to protect themselves.
In Kirkingburg, the Court said a plaintiff must demonstrate that monocular vision significantly interferes with sight to qualify as a person with a disability.
Our topic this month is the interestingly favorable legal status these days of the one-eyed - or, as it's more polite to call them, persons with monocular vision.
For example, in addition to being born with monocular vision, Falcon is dwarfish, symbolic of his Napoleonic complex, and his entire body is covered by tattoos.
Key words: attention, cognition, eye patch, monocular vision, motor planning, neglect, rehabilitation, spatial bias, stroke, visual occlusion.