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MS = represents the broad money supply (M2) or call money in the Pakistan economy.
In Indonesia, several studies analyze inflation and level of money supply. For example, Hervino (2011) use the Autoregressive Distributed Lag Error Correction Model (ARDL-ECM).
Based on these results, it is not possible to unambiguously conclude whether the money supply in selected European countries is strictly endogenous or not.
After the introduction in the first section, Section II provides a profile about the money supply and inflation trends in Pakistan.
However money demand and money supply dynamics determines interest rates, which consequently impact a country's monetary policy objectives.
"According to QNB Group, Saudi Arabia has the largest money supply in the region.
The type of the link between money supply and common stock prices can be defined as if a share of common stock is observed as an asset that produces its profits to the investor over time.
Chen Yi-tuan, deputy director of the economic research department of the CBC, noted that with the upturn of the economy, trade-related money demand will increase, leading to ample money supply which can fund stock investments.
Qatar recorded the highest broad money supply growth in the region in 2011 and during the first eight months of 2012.
The IoD says at no time in the past 25 years have rates been raised when the broad money supply wasn't in double digit growth.
"To raise interest rates at this stage in the economic recovery, when money supply growth is so weak, would be unprecedented...
M3, the broadest measure of money supply, came in at SR1.087 trillion ($289.9 billion) in January, up from SR1.006 trillion in the same month a year ago and from SR1.080 trillion in December, the data stated.