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Describing an average in which some values count for more than others. For example, if an index consisting of 10 stocks is weighted for price, this means that the average price of the stocks will move more when the stocks with higher price move. Most indices use weighted averages so "smaller" values do not affect the index inordinately. This helps correct for the fact that averages tend to be affected by extreme values. One of the most common ways of weighting an average is to weight for market capitalization.
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Browse 44 Market Data Tables and 39 Figures spread through 218 Pages and in-depth TOC on "Low Molecular Weight Heparin Market, by Drug (Enoxaparin, Dalteparin, Nadroparin, Bemiparin, Tinzaparin, and Others), by Packaging (Multi-vials and Prefilled Syringes), by Application (Deep Vein Thrombosis, Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS), Pulmonary Embolism, and Atrial Fibrillation), by End Use (Hospitals (Private and Public), Clinics, and Home), and by Region (North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) - Global Forecast to 2026"
Other allergens of lower and higher molecular weight including (35-38KDa) and [alpha], [beta], I, gliadins of 112.5KDa, 95KDa, 85.5KDa, 65KDa, 58KDa, 50KDa, 43KDa, 40KDa, 38.5KDa, 32KDa, 30KDa, 26KDa, 21.5KDa, 19.2KDa, 18KDa were also found as allergens by comparing with allergen database respectively (Figure 6).
Figure 6 shows the variation of [T.sub.g] as a function of the molecular weight of PG-PES and BPA-PES.
If this test reveals that the molecular weight has been reduced to an excessive degree, the process parameters should immediately become the focus of the investigation.
As the molecular weight is about 148,000, the drug will not cross the placenta, at least not in the first half of pregnancy.
The difference between success and failure can hinge on the implications of molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, and crystalline/amorphous structure.
Chitosan with a molecular weight of 67 kDa had greater antioxidant activity than the chitosan with a molecular weight of 789 kDa.
We have recently adopted the UV-RI method described in the EP monograph and compared the molecular weight results generated for LMWH using each detection type.
Fractionation technology from Digilab Biovision GmbH, Hanover, Germany, was adopted for the isolation of low molecular weight peptides (typically <15,000 Da) from human plasma ultrafiltrate." N.A.
Specifically, the two partners have confirmed that high-molecular-weight fucoidan in Kjellmaniella crassifolia, which has an average molecular weight of 200,000, can inhibit the clot formation.
Thromboprophylaxis with low molecular weight heparin (dalteparin) in pregnancy.
Reference material (RM) 8457, which consists of 0.5 cm cubes of orthopedic-grade ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene that are well suited for measurements of cross-link density by a new ASTM International swell-test method, has been issued.

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