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Bar Code

A code placed on a product that a machine can read. Groceries and other products commonly have bar codes on them so a machine can display how much they cost. This ensures accurate prices are paid on retail goods. Bar codes were invented by a graduate student in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1948.

bar code

an alpha or alpha-numeric code, converted into a series of lines and spaces which are marked on products. Bar coding and the use of bar code scanners enables a firm to obtain accurate data quickly on its STOCK position to help with planning its reordering of goods; and can be used to adjust the prices of goods more easily than by replacing price tags. See EPOS.
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Whichever tags our clients are using, we will be recommending Tealium's tag management solution for all of their web and mobile tagging requirements without needing any JavaScript knowledge," says Barry Parshall, SVP of Product Management for iJento.
This is the third year Allure will feature Microsoft Tags in its Free Stuff issue, allowing readers to access and enter all 158 first-come, first-win giveaways using mobile tagging on their smartphones.
On the mobile tagging front, consumers choose to engage with the barcodes on their own terms.
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The Mobile Tagging Station allows libraries to complete the RFID conversion process without having to remove items from shelves.

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