mixed account

Mixed account

A brokerage account holding both long and short positioned securities.

Mixed Account

A brokerage account that includes a long position in at least one security and a short position in at least one security. That is, a mixed account has at least one security an investor owns and at least one that the investor has borrowed. A mixed account is a type of margin account.

mixed account

A brokerage account that includes long and short security positions.
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s advice and begin at the conclusion with his interesting keys for reading the history of ethics in the Americas, a very mixed account in the midst of conquest, slavery, development, and evangelization.
The mixed account of the war's progress comes before a pivotal White House review next month, in which President Barack Obama is expected to endorse the US strategy that stresses building up Afghan forces while pushing back the Taliban in key southern towns.
First Boyle clears the ground by dismissing the alternative interpretations, namely the 'purely dispositional' account, the 'present but submerged' account, and McRae's 1972 mixed account of dispositional, recollective, and reflective innatism.
Combined, these indicators give a mixed account of the banking sector's recent performance.
which mixed account and technology support to help its clients.
Such texts also provide much of the documentation with which scholars have worked in order to understand Catherine, including letters both to and from Catherine, mixed accounts from individual ambassadors who came to the court, hostile pamphlets from both Catholics and Huguenot propagandists, and fulsome praise in the memoirs of those who observed her at court.
There are mixed accounts of the food on offer at a time when rationing was still in place.
That system provides basic options of growth, bond and mixed accounts and is currently administered by Barclays Bank at a fee Of 60 basis points annually.