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This is the daily number of shares of a security that change hands between a buyer and a seller. Also known as volume traded. Also see Up volume and Down volume.


The amount of trading sustained in a security or in the entire market during a given period. Especially heavy volume may indicate that important news has just been announced or is expected. See also average daily volume.


Volume is the number of shares traded in a company's stock or in an entire market over a specified period, typically a day.

Unusual market activity, either higher or lower than average, is typically the result of some external event. But unusual activity in an individual stock reflects new information about that stock or the stock's sector.

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I can say unequivocally, that I'm astonished at the efficiency of this unit's ability to heat and humidify even at flow rates and minute volumes stated in the unit's specifications.
5 mmHg and the minute volume measurement by the ventilator software has an error margin of [+ or -] 8%.
As the patient's spontaneous efforts and respiratory mechanics (compliance, resistance) improved, the percentage of target minute volume was gradually manually reduced to a minimum of 60%.
This is because the content of the reservoir tube depends on a balance between the supplementary gas flow entering the reservoir and the patient's minute volume leaving the reservoir (Figure 6).
The minute volume can be decreased by lowering the pressure support level, tidal volume, respiratory rate, or by increasing TE.
The subminiature electronic valves offer a fast response time for accurate dosing of minute volumes.
To overcome this problem, the Freiburg-based research group has developed a microfluidic chip that works with minute volumes of liquid: the platform uses microchannels to feed cell cultures with nutrients during their three-week growth period.