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A person who has not reached the age of majority, which varies from 15 to 25 depending on jurisdiction and situation. A minor has fewer legal rights and responsibilities than a legal adult. For example, a minor may not enter contracts or vote, and often has personal restrictions on tobacco or alcohol consumption and sexual activity.
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A person who has not yet reached the age of majority required to enter into binding contracts.

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Parents can obtain the form from the Police, the Civil Guard, courts, notaries, town halls or consulates.The new procedure was designed to increase the safety of minors going abroad.
According to the ordinance, parents of 15 to 17-year-old minors violating the curfew hours will be charged PHP2,000 penalty and one-month imprisonment; for parents of 13 to 14 year old minors, PHP 3,000 penalty and three months imprisonment; and for parents of 12 year old minors and below, PHP 5,000 penalty and six months imprisonment.
'The FDA is sternly reminding all retailers to refrain from the promotion and selling of all alcoholic beverages, especially alcopops, to minors,' the FDA statement said on Friday (Aug.
"24 hours after a suicide attempt of a minor which was foiled by Saroornagar police, the police arrested three minors on Tuesday who were involved in this," said Srinivas Reddy, Inspector of Police Saroornagar.
Sports betting, though relatively old in Ghana, the phenomenon of minors engaging in it is alarming, and, therefore, requires swift measures to immediately stop the menace from blowing out of proportions.
In the above-mentioned and all other cases, all prospects are considered to reach a fruitful conclusion for the welfare of the minors.
According to the handout issued by the Sindh Information office here on Monday, due to shortage of water in Indus river and Rohri canal, Jam Sahib minor, Distry minor, Sahelo minor, Dewanabad Pipe, Bhatmaro Pipe 2, Bandhni minor, Gupchani Distry, Obahi Chan minor and Shah Hussain minor will remain closed with effect from April 15 at about 6 P.M to April 23 at about 6 P.M.
OdobaA!ic pointed out that the protection of minors has been a significant task of every regulator, including the Communications Regulatory Agency, since its inception.
The report said that the unaccompanied minors amounted to 32.4 per cent of all asylum applications received in Cyprus.
Padidan Sub-Division and Dour Sub Division would remain closed from April 01 to April 8 while Khipro Minor, left Jarri Minor and right Jarri Minor of Nawabshah Sub-Division II would also remain closed from April 1 to April 8.
After more than a century, relatively little scholarship has examined the minor. Many histories of higher education devote no attention to the topic, and research related to academic minors is uncommon.
The vast majority of minors who are tried as adults in New Jersey courts are black and Latino, a study published Monday by WNYC radio found. The (http://www.wnyc.org/story/black-kids-more-likely-be-tried-adults-cant-be-explained/) report  said that 692 minors were tried as adults in New Jersey over the last five years and nearly 90 percent of them were black or Latino.

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