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A person who has not reached the age of majority, which varies from 15 to 25 depending on jurisdiction and situation. A minor has fewer legal rights and responsibilities than a legal adult. For example, a minor may not enter contracts or vote, and often has personal restrictions on tobacco or alcohol consumption and sexual activity.


A person who has not yet reached the age of majority required to enter into binding contracts.

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Summary: Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], Feb 21 (ANI): Hyderabad Traffic Police is starting an initiative to control minor driving in the city.
The announcement said that outlet canals of Padidan-1 Sub-Division Kot Laloo Minor, canals of Nawabshah-1 Sub-Division Jheemal Minor, Nawaz Dahri Minor and Panjoo Chhan Minor would remain closed from November 17 to November 25.
The initiative provides three alternatives for young Emiratis willing to contribute towards caring for orphans and minors.
One of the major legal implications of this move (to allow minors to operate an account) is that there cannot be enforcement against the minor under the Indian Contract Act.
Market complexes, railway stations, sewers, heating mains, basements, bus stations, underground walkways, car washes and other areas were examined as many minors usually crowd there.
On the other hand, this criminalization protects the minor from being financially exploited by those who know that they minors do not have experience and they are still very young.
According to a report by the Israeli human rights group B'Tselem, from the beginning of 2005 until the end of 2010, at least 835 minors were arrested and tried in military courts in the West Bank on stone-throwing charges.
Israel had arrested 835 Palestinian minors between 2005 and 2010 and tried them in Israeli military courts in the West Bank on charges of stone throwing, said the report by the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights in the Occupied Territories, B'Tselem.
Newspaper carriers/vendors and minors performing domestic work or work in private residences are exempt from child labor laws, but other laws, including minimum wage, overtime, working conditions and wage collection laws still apply.
A designation paying a death benefit to a child of the insured might read: "to [name of child], child of the insured; provided that if any proceeds become payable when [name of child] is a minor as defined in the [state] Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, such proceeds shall be paid to [name of adult] as custodian for [name of child] under the [state] Uniform Transfers to Minors Act.
36 states and the District of Columbia explicitly allow some minors to consent to prenatal care.
In June 2002, we formed a relationship with Community Partnership of the Ozarks and a small group of teenage students committed to curbing alcohol and cigarette consumption by minors.

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