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Fifth letter of a NASDAQ stock symbol specifying that the issue is the company's fourth class of preferred shares.
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1. A symbol (M) indicating that a bond has matured. It is used most often on transaction tables in a newspaper.

2. A symbol (M) indicating that the dividend on a stock has been reduced by a certain amount. It is used most often on transaction tables in a newspaper.

3. A symbol (m) indicating that the closing price of a security is lower than the closing price of the previous trading day.

4. A symbol (m) indicating the percentage by which the net asset value per share of a closed-end investment company exceeds its share price.

5. A symbol for 1,000.
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1. Used in bond transaction tables in newspapers to indicate a bond that has matured and is no longer drawing interest: Cuba 4 1/2 77m.
2. Used in the dividend column of stock transaction tables of newspapers to indicate an annual dividend rate that is reduced on the last declaration date: .20m.
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13 The blackened minim, semiminim and croma, being visually indistinguishable from, respectively, the unblackened semiminim, croma and semicroma, were indeed potentially unsatisfactory notational characters, and it may be thought that the interpretation of the composer's notation (as printed by Amadino) offered here presents more conundrums than it would be reasonable to expect an instrumentalist to be able to decipher at sight.
Since that was the time of a semibreve, that time would be 1 1/2-2 seconds, 3-4 seconds or 6-8 seconds if the pulse corresponded with the minim, crotchet or quaver respectively.
(creating minim equivalence there and also, by implication, with .n.) - to mention only two aspects of the development - speak not only to Berger's thesis concerning the emergence in Italy of the concept of equal breve across all mensurations but also to the complex history of quaternary subdivisions and their role in spawning proportional notations, both of them topics of central concern in this book.
Beyond the Czerny and Beethoven examples for quick Allegrettos I have cited above, Beethoven further gives us, in the 6/8 Allegretto agitato fourth movement of his F minor String Quartet, op.95, a tempo of dotted crotchet = 92, surely rather close to the dotted minim = 108 of the Menuetto of his Symphony no.l.
With the addition of MCP Networks, Minim's customer base has expanded to small wireless internet service providers, referred to by the IT world as WISPs, which play an important role in bringing Wi-Fi and loT to rural areas that are not cost-effective for larger providers.
Minim's launch coincides with several new developments in the IoT security space.
Contra Boyarin, he argues that minim was less about doctrine or theology and more about aloofness from those deemed a threat to the fragile post-Bar Kokhba community, with its "frantic sensitivity to identity and difference" (p.
I am interested in comparing Will's spreadsheets to existing freeware such as the Minim program.
During his governorship, a great number of Aweil's intellectuals as well as ordinary citizens filed a complaint to you (President Salva Kiir) alleging the governor of corruption, nepotism, mismanagement, and failing to deliver a minim service to the Aweil citizens.