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a medium-scale COMPUTER with sizeable data storage facilities which is often accessible simultaneously from several terminals.

As MICROCOMPUTERS and minicomputers have become more powerful in terms of data-processing speed and data-storage capacity, the distinction between them and MAINFRAME computers has become blurred.

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Other firms followed DEC into the minicomputer market, producing proprietary operating systems for their computers.
became much more powerful, much richer, much more readily available, at better prices, than the tools that were offered by proprietary minicomputer vendors.
Today, one of the minicomputer vendors discusses this issue in terms of "bigotry" against anything but micros.
During the 70s, companies like Digital and Data General began building minicomputers which did many of the same things that the big computers did but were actually accessible, i.
A LAN already linked several other SPI departments, so Aines converted to a LAN-based accounting program at one third the cost of installing new minicomputer software.
The minicomputer also has several modems and a couple of direct connections to the headquarters mainframe.
Almost 49 percent of 536 respondents reported that their tax department had a minicomputer dedicated to it.
This paper explores the separate and combined influences of environmental conditions (resource availabilities and competitive concentration) and organizational strategies (market breadth and market aggressiveness) on survival likelihoods of young firms in the minicomputer industry.
In each store, the network consists of the minicomputer (a Unisys 5000/50 Unix) that powers "dumb terminals"-video display screens with keyboards, but no software-printers and electronic time clocks.
I described how we developed our chemistry computer system in the May 1978 issue of MLO ("Our Lab's Minicomputer Does More and Costs Less").
Of the CPAs on networks, 89% were connected via a personal computer (PC) server and 11% via a minicomputer, suggesting how far the swing to smaller, less costly PCs had progressed.

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