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1/1,000, or 10% of 1% of a measure. Mills are used in the calculation of property taxes. See also: Mill rate.


One-tenth of one cent, or $0.001. Ad valorem (property) taxes are usually expressed in terms of a certain number of mills.A rate of 12.4 mills means that a property assessed for $100,000 would have ad valorem taxes of 12.4 (rate) 0.001 (mill) $100,000 (assessed value) for a tax of $1,240.

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Visitors milled around the ramparts enjoying the views while fire crews tackled the blaze in the roof space at 52 Lowland Brigade HQ.
Hundreds of spectators and anxious family members milled around outside the club.
This is such an honor for all of us,'' Bailey said as the students milled around in the band room after class.
The device - believed to be planted by Islamic extremists - went off as people milled around food stalls outside the main gate of the Davao ferry terminal.
Among the encounters was one by a desert tortoise researcher at Edwards Air Force Base: On a dirt road at a remote part of the base, he came upon a pack of about a dozen German shepherd-looking dogs who milled around his car before ambling off.
John Lister, Conejo Valley's catcher and leader, sniffed back tears as kids and parents milled around after a game none of them expected to lose.
Oklahoma cornerback Antonio Perkins milled around his own 35-yard line, knowing he needed 7 yards to step into the NCAA history books but confident UCLA wasn't going to provide him the opportunity.
As Gallant collected a few items to try on, Harry Andersen, who she called her significant other, milled around, waiting to go to lunch.
As the last remnants of the disbelieving crowd milled around the court, the UCLA basketball team was deep in the bowels of McKale Center conducting its post-mortem.