property tax

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Property tax

A tax levied on real property based on its use and its assessed value.

Property Tax

A tax on the value of land or improvements (i.e. buildings). Occasionally, property taxes are levied on personal property, such as automobiles or securities, as well. All property taxes are calculated as a percentage of the value of the property. In the United States, most property taxes are levied at the city or county levels, and are used for municipal improvements, such as roads or snow removal. Municipalities can issue bonds that are secured by the proceeds on property taxes.

property tax

property tax

See ad valorem tax.

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4) Through these key documents, Farmington Hills public safety officials confirmed the need for the millage and achieved early support from public officials.
In recent years, the district has requested new operating millages every four years, although it did not do so in 2012, four years after the last new millage in 2008.
Goodson said the library millage has been at 1 since 1957 and is one of the lowest in the state.
Millage, of Skipton Gardens, Stoke Heath, Coventry, said he bought the films for pounds 1 and sold them for pounds 3.
The last time the Detroit Public Library appeared before voters in a millage election was in 2000.
25 critical needs millage for operations providing $8 million in revenues.
Voters in Bentonville last week rejected a millage increase that would have paid for a new high school in Centerton.
He says 75 percent of the funding is coming from Grenada County through existing millage rates.
USC led by six points (72-66) with 3:03 left, but the Sun Devils came back and tied it with back-to-back 3-pointers by Millage.
Senior Curtis Millage had a game-high 16 points, and 6-foot-8 freshman Ike Diogu shook off a sprained left foot to total 14 points and 10 rebounds for ASU.
Janette Millage, aged 47, of Laburnum Avenue, Coundon, read about the toy appeal on Wednesday.