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1/1,000, or 10% of 1% of a measure. Mills are used in the calculation of property taxes. See also: Mill rate.


One-tenth of one cent, or $0.001. Ad valorem (property) taxes are usually expressed in terms of a certain number of mills.A rate of 12.4 mills means that a property assessed for $100,000 would have ad valorem taxes of 12.4 (rate) 0.001 (mill) $100,000 (assessed value) for a tax of $1,240.

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Features and benefits of Jensen WX millable wax include:
This area known as the 21C zone had previously shown potential to add rhyollite hosted millable resources.
Development of the sulfide ore body -- millable rather than leachable ore -- will be possible as it is exposed by mining of the oxide reserve.
The Phoenix project contains estimated proven and probable gold reserves of approximately 28,764,000 tons (1,225,000 ounces) of millable ore with an average grade of .
Custom mixing of natural rubber, EPDM, nitrile rubber, styrene butadiene rubber, polychloroprene, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, polybutadiene, isoprene, butyl, millable urethane and other materials, excluding silicones, is provided by the company.
Silcosperse 500 dispersion is supplied as a millable dispersion gum to eliminate the problems associated with messy, hard-to-handle alternatives.
Over the next five years, subject to certain contingencies, Cyprus Climax expects to invest an additional $375 million to develop the large millable reserve.
Cyprus' bid includes an initial cash payment of $37 million and a commitment to further develop the large millable reserve, estimated to be in excess of 400 million tons.
64) Millathane HS11 : A new millable polyurethane rubber.
64 Millathane[R] HS11, a New Millable Polyurethane Rubber--Thomas Jablonowski, TSE Industries, Inc.