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CPU (Central Processing Unit)

the brain of a COMPUTER which stores and processes data.
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Microprocessor PLC logic and PID temperature controls, safety switches for air failure and overheating, and an hour meter are standard.
Some aspect of each of these tasks mentioned above will benefit from automation on a personal computer with a fast microprocessor.
The PowerPC 620 microprocessor is expected to begin general sampling in the second quarter of 1995 with volume production in the second half of 1995.
Oil units include microprocessor controls and can be supplied with optional cooling circuit.
The R10000 microprocessor is another result of MIPS' unique Open RISC business model.
IBM semiconductor innovations include dual-core microprocessors, copper wiring, silicon-on-insulator and silicon germanium transistors, strained silicon, and eFUSE, a technology that enables computer chips to automatically respond to changing conditions.
The robot itself, its pendant, stackers, and other downstream equipment all process data in their own microprocessors.
The PowerPC 601 microprocessor delivers the computational performance required to meet our design goals for the PowerXplorer.
He noted that eighteen months after introducing the DECchip 21064 150 MHz microprocessor it is selling for $455 -- one-third of its introduction price.
and Rob Walker of Walker Research Associates for Stanford University Libraries, The Microprocessor Chronicles follows last year's The Fairchild Chronicles and brings the history of Silicon Valley alive through candid interviews with Silicon Valley veterans, including Gordon Moore, Ted Hoff, Stan Mazor and Federico Faggin.
The two companies completed the development and first fabrication of the new PowerPC 603 microprocessor less than 12 months after announcing initial silicon of their first chip, the PowerPC 601(TM).
The Microprocessor Chronicles goes on sale today and is available for purchase from www.

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